Technology and Art: Engineering the Future

When one imagines of art, a lot of things comes to their mind. Most of the people tend to think of maybe devices like the Rodin, Picasso and even Dali. On the other hand, when you think of technology, computer, and smartphones which are all over today, will be the first things to come to your attention. History has it that technology is a required field that has brought a lot of tools for expression to the artists. In the contemporary world, these two disciplines, which are distinct in their making, tend to be more interlinked than ever before.

Technology has been the most critical force in the development and growth of the art industry. In the entire world today, people have managed to engineer the future of human beings. The modern technology which results from engineering works has changed the lives of individuals today. Talk of internet, the nanotech, the digital fabrications, the self-modification, the biotech, and a lot of other digital technologies. All these have been seen as new dimensions in the lives of people today.

Additionally, software developers, the scientists, and even the investors and major entrepreneurs together with the music industry managers are engaged in the new human experiences creation by use of the modern technological advancements. Following this movement, original art is created worldwide, and the new forms of art are also evolving all over. Many artists have been seen to push artistic boundaries. They tend to be looking beyond what can be viewed as traditional artworks to incorporate other artistic aspects into their modern works.

Today, art is increasingly becoming less static as it tends to take lots of distinct shapes. It moves from the printing of sculptures which are digitally created in 3D forms to act of photographers lining up lots of volunteers who are naked in the beaches. Some of the features that have made this evolution and interlinking possible include the following:

  • The power of the web:  the power of the internet has altered the rule of the game. A long time ago, probably in the 80s, the industry belonged to the most influential players who were seen to dictate the behavior of the entire artistry world.

 However, the contemporary ways in which art is created and produced today have drastically changed. This is attributed to the transition of the world into a socially connected digital society with the introduction of the internet era.

Traditionally, artists needed to move to the gallery with their portfolio, merely to have the gallery decides on whether or not the work is worth being exposed. Today, they only need to go to the web to have their work exhibited and even to sell such works.  For the very first time today, artists can raise some cash through the internet or by use of online to pursue their talents and ideas, thanks to the crowd funding services.

Social media has also been effectively used today by artists as one of the most effective tools to alter the relationship the public and the collectors to spot people who are seeking particular artworks in the most efficient way.

  • Participation in the real art: in the past, it was only the elite who were seen to participate in the development and creation of art. The other individuals in society were only left to view the masterpiece. This means that the public was merely observing perceive and could not participate in the same.

In the connected society today, almost every individual can create and is creating art. None is bared or locked out from participating in the art. With the introduction of new technologies and the internet, for instance, it has become straightforward for one to create a thing and even to share them with the public for verifications and to identify the way forward. 

Nevertheless, the ability of everyone to create art today following the introduction of modern technologies has been seen to influence the quality of the art. It has been tough for most artists in the contemporary era to remain imaginative and creative enough.

Even the ones who were not meant to be artists are creating arts hence leading to lots of skills which are not up to standards. The boundaries are not limited, and technology is increasing. There are still hopes for improvement.

The Way Forward

With the increased fake art which has come up in the modern days, following technological advancements, many ask themselves questions of what to do next.

What should artists do to make them create genuine arts in the modern era?

This is one of the essential questions one might ask, and the answer is obvious. The severe media artists should think not only concerning the available tools with technological developments but also to try and get into useful conversations with other artists of the past. They had all it takes to make the best artworks, and that can only be made perfect by the use of technology today.