A Discussion with Robert Gerhardt

Starting out with a background in Anthropology and Sociology, Robert Gerhardt took a photography class in his junior year of undergrad school and fell in love. While at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, Gerhardt was influenced by his then instructor and noted photographer Harold Feinstein. He felt such a connection with the art that he continued on to obtain his MFA in Photography from the Art Institute of Boston and has worked hard to build quite an intriguing portfolio.

Commenting on his own work, Gerhardt explains how “It is not a matter of visiting a
place, making photographs and leaving.  It is about getting to know the people and places I
photograph, which can only be accomplished over extended periods of time.  It is about trying to step out of my world and into theirs.  To sometimes stop being a photographer, put down the camera, and listen and talk instead.” Working with a focus in Black and White film, Gerhardt’s portfolio ranges from thought-provoking images of the Karen People of Burma and then works its way toward images exploring life for Muslim Americans in New York; conceptually leading the viewer to ask questions and urging them to feel something unexpected. There are a number of ongoing photography projects that Gerhardt has been working on and one can further review his work on his website listed below.

Naturally, the urge for an artist to show their work is innate, and Gerhardt stumbled
across Salon Ciel while attending a friends opening. After meeting and speaking with Dave
Rheingold and Andy Stromberg, Gerhardt was asked to have his own show with Salon Ciel and has been working with the Gallery ever since. He explains, “I was really happy to have a show with Salon Ciel. Showing there was great because one really gets the chance to talk about their work and get an immediate dialogue about process.” Essentially Gerhardt continues that “shows at Salon Ciel are a wonderful way to meet other artists and network within the New York art community.”

Since, Robert Gerhardt’s work has been in multiple solo and group exhibitions in both
the United States and Europe, and his process continues. For those interested in viewing
Gerhardt’s portfolio and artist statement, his work is available on his website at
http://www.robertgerhardt.com along with other information about his work located on the Salon Ciel website.

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