Interview with Ray Wang

Ray Wang

            After obtaining his undergraduate degree from Cornell University, Ray Wang explains that his art “is a product of constant influence.”  With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Multimedia, Wang has always had a love for the arts and has taken influence from numerous sources to produce his creations. Wang continues to explain that “there was this poster I used to have when I was younger and I just couldn’t help but to draw it; I was so attached to the unique angles and presentation of it, I just found that I had an eye for things like that.” Consecutively, entering college and studying abroad in Rome for a year continued to give Wang experience to fuel his artistic fire.

Furthering, after graduation, Wang felt the frustration and worry that a lot of artists feel right after college reinforcing that, “I needed to do something for money and wasn’t sure how making art would cover that part of my financial requirements.  I got a job at a Nuclear Power Plant in Westchester, New York.”  Wang worked making software for the Plant and always felt like he wanted to have more of a connection to making art again.

More so, Wang wanted better inspiration.  He moved to New York City and started working with aspects of design for Bloomberg and got back some of his influence.  “I just needed to get my foot back in the door with the art world” explains Wang. “I needed to let myself understand that there really is a future and a financial future in art.”  It seemed shortly after making this connection, the pieces just seemed to begin to fall into place.

Soon, Wang started sending his work in to galleries around the city and came across Salon Ciel. After submitting his work online, Wang got a call back and was excited to be given the opportunity for a show at one of the Salon locations and has been hanging around with the crew since.  Wang speaks about the Salon curators and asserts, “They are genuine people who care about the artists.  That’s what makes Salon so appealing.”  Having the ability to show his work with Salon Ciel, Wang felt more at ease with his artistic process and enjoyed the ability to meet back up with the art community.

Presently, Wang is continuing to further his artistic endeavors via painting and drawing.  His works can be viewed by visiting one of his websites at,, and also on the Salon Ciel Website at

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