Katy Higgins – Conquering the Natural World

Katy Higgins

Conquering the Natural World


With a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Rutgers and a Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin, Katy Higgins seems adequately equipped to conquer her ponderings of the natural world.  With a vast portfolio ranging from photographs to videos and installations, Higgins asks open-ended questions with her artwork and leaves the viewer standing, forced to make their own answers.  Higgins looks to “reduce the complexity of the world to representations […] to diagram life.”  Moreover, Higgins looks at the human interaction with such complexities and how people want to control these aspects that lack ability to be controlled.

Simultaneously, for Higgins, the process is all about learning and exploring.  Namely she says that, “Art in general will always be a big part of my overall learning; it helps to balance everything.”  There’s no right or wrong way to go about answering questions about the natural world, but surely exploring these answers artistically

Along her path of exploration, Higgins met up with Lyndsey Beutin, a Curator for Salon Ciel and started doing shows with the group.  This meeting was beneficial because ultimately, Higgins work was noticed by a Curator from Florida after being featured on the Salon Ciel website.  This in turn, helped Higgins get another show.  Before working with Salon, Higgins did not have a ton of experience working with galleries in New York and explains that the Salon Ciel crew was “friendly and helpful.”  Moreover, it was “good to talk openly about art in a relaxed setting.”  Showing work at one of the Salon Ciel locations allows artists to open dialogue about the thoughts and feelings they are trying to convey.

To see more of Higgins’s works or to find out about upcoming shows, visit her website at http://www.katyhiggins.com or on the Salon Ciel website at http://www.saloncielny.org.

Higgins, “Seal (Red Ball)” 2010 Archival Pigment Print

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