Interview with Choichun Leung

Choichun Leung

 Growing up in Wales, Choichun Leung left when she was seventeen to pursue her degree in metal-smithing in the UK and the world has been her oyster since.  Leung has studied and gained artistic influence from her travels in Beijing, China’s Shanxi Provence, London, Hong Kong, Germany, and New York.  In 1995, after her arrival in the Big Apple, Leung knew she wanted to further her art and her concept.

With attention to such a conceptual process, Leung started in New York by picking up pieces of wood from the scrap yards and making small pieces from her findings.  People started buying these wooden works and Leung became really interested in touching base with her painting background.  At about this time, Choichun recalls having a big series of flashbacks and resurgence of memories from her past that caused her to rekindle her love with the brush.

Incidentally Leung contemplates, “Why do we retain certain memories in our lives and others we forget?” The correlation seems to be what pushes Leung to make the work that she makes.  She explores what makes us human, what gives us life.  Leung “wants the emotion of it all” and to “try to tell people what to see; to possibly help them learn something more about themselves through art.”  Combining writing, music, painting, and process, her new work certainly pushes us to think.

Outside of her seasoned travel and life experiences, Leung did not put much of her work into gallery exhibitions until moving to New York.  She met the crew at Salon Ciel and had a show at the Orchard Street location.  Leung is currently showing a new series of work at various locations throughout the states.  Her new projects include new paintings, triptychs, minerals, and video installation.  Updates about Leung’s shows and her newer work can be viewed on her website at and on the Salon Ciel website at

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