Beata Chrzanowska: Interview and Artist Statement

By Emma Mendelson

Beata Chrzanowska is the archetype of a hustler in New York City.  Since moving here under a year ago, she has been seen all over the Bushwick art scene in what seems to be a never-ending whirlwind of gallery shows and artistic opportunity.

Beata came to New York from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she had gone to the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design on a scholarship.  She decided to live there for two extra years after graduation and work on her art.  However, over time she eventually became less inspired by the art scene there and soon sought creative refuge in NYC.

She had applied for an artist residency here in the city but was not accepted.  But the move was one of the more important parts of that residency and she came to NYC anyway with the mindset she would test it out for three months.  Then three became six and now she has been here for about 10 months.  She has worked with a number of galleries and collectives.  She has had shows with the Raw artists collective and with CCCP Gallery as a part of a show called “Girls”.  The Curator from Outlet Gallery has featured one of her pieces on the cover of their publication “The Literarian” and will soon be featured in a group show for the launch of this magazine later this month.

Her painting style has been developing for a number of years, starting towards the latter half of her school career.  When she first arrived in NYC, she began to use darker colors, which she says was done as a “soothing” mechanism to ease the emotional transition to the city.  Eventually, she decided to push the intensity of her sexually themed paintings by using bold colors as accents.  She says that she has started looking at the naked female form as though it were a landscape.  Geometric shapes, creating a more dimensional plane, break up the shadows and curves created by the body.  This, thus, creates what she calls a “surreal environment.”  She has found great influence through her figure drawing and painting exercises, saying that the human form “…has always kept me intrigued for so long.”  She has also found stylistic inspiration from artists like Steve Kim and Winston Chmielinski, artists that have abstracted the body into either anonymous entities or surreal portraitures.

Beata has entered into a time of her career where all of her hustling has created a firm system of connections and now she can focus more time on her art with the understanding that another great opportunity can easily follow the last one with less effort on her behalf.  Along with “The Literarian” show coming up at the end of this month, She has been contemplating graduate school and has been looking around at different programs.  While some of the details for the next leg of her artistic career are less than definite, you can be sure that the name “Beata” will be one that is certain to come up again many times over in the art world.  You can find out more about the artist’s work on her website and her Facebook page

The Nuclear Sex

By Beata Chrzanowska

Gender distinction and characterization. In the womb we are all the same, existing without the consequence of hormones and testosterone. The pure being, before outer world biases and orientations pollute and polish. The body just existing. Never fully characterized and thus relatable to all, the figure as God.

Chromes holding on comfortably through the inevitable reason of dying acrylic. On a grand level they sit like bordering continents. A man made Pangea, never to experience the effects of weathering and drifting.

White is the noise in your head distinguishing the white as a void. Hearing that noise cancels out the loud emptiness leaving only malleable matter, conscious of its own color. Like a boundary of water hugging land, quiet yet aggressive.

White brings attention to the feminine– the colors are displayed, appreciated by the advance of the white. Essentially, the white bringing the color to light. Black is the darkness, a matter covering all and hindering the highest pitch of noise. A chromatic spectrum of struggle between perfection and the lack there of. A sensitivity to balance and decency in life.

Here lay the tools, raw and gently worn, bare and open to criticism. They sit, helpless, ready. Their encapsulation anticipating a stride for an outside firework of brain activity to emerge.

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